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Hi everyone. 
It looks like we are going to be doing a conference call instead of meeting in person for the State Committee meeting.  While I will miss seeing everyone in person, it is very important that we flatten the curve with social distancing.  I applaud Chairman Bickford and the State Committee leadership in coming up with new and innovative ways to hold statewide meetings and caucuses.

In the Plymouth & Norfolk Senate District on the South Shore, we had quite an active start to the new year.  Our caucuses were very competitive with some having over 100 people in attendance and we had two contested State Committee races.  I would like to congratulate Alice and Linda for winning their reelection campaigns and look forward to working with them over the next four years.

Because of all the activity on the South Shore, I am endorsing five people for State Committee based on the hard work they have all done over the last three months. First, I am endorsing the two challengers (Celia Nolan Click here and Elika Katrina Click here) that ran great campaigns and will make great add-on gender-balanced delegates for State Committee.

Additionally, I am endorsing (Joe Kelly Click here and Matthew McGonagle Click here) for the labor add-on delegates because they were able to bring a lot of new people to our caucuses.  Last but not least, I am endorsing my good friend Carlos DaSilva Click here for Portuguese Speaking Member. I have endorsed these really hardworking campaigners because I think they would make a great addition to the State Committee. Please consider voting for each of them as well.

John F Bowes III
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As you know, the South Shore is very conservative and we have two Democrats that are challenging Republican incumbents.  Check out their websites LINKS and help spread the word about their campaigns.