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Thank you for agreeing to help us out and identify supporters in your network of the Democratic Party. The most important thing you can do to is talk to your friends and family about 2020 election. Share the pledge card with everyone know (bowes3.com/votedem) 

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New Tools

Two new tools to help you identify voters in your network.

Got 5
Your Neighborhood

Got 5 Tool 


The Got 5 is simple tool for data entry. What it is, is it's a straight data entry form and you can give us the names of people you have talked to and confirmed that they're supporting the Democrats. This is a completely offline tool. So, let's say you're just talking to somebody in casual conversation, and rather than give them the website, you can just simply go to the Got 5 portal, enter in their name, and we'll follow the same process, they'll get the first contact, we will confirm that they register to vote. And then there'll be signed up for the 2 reminder calls, 1 on the weekend before and 1 of the week, the actual day. We will also give you feedback on what we found out. So, if somebody is not registered, you can reach out to them and say, “Hey, I noticed that you're not registered.”

Your Neighborhood Tool


You've talked to everyone you know and you got everyone IDed, you can then request 10 people that live in your community that we know are going to vote for us that we need you to reach out to and basically just confirm it. And then once you confirm it, we'll put them on a list and they'll get the reminder just like everyone else. So, these are local people that live in your neighborhood, in your community that we've already, using advanced data analytics, determined will most likely vote for us, but we need to make sure they vote. So, we need them… you to reach out, confirm their support, and then get back to us and we'll put them on the reminder system.