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In the build-up to the election, the PCDL is starting a new initiative for democratic town committees and city committees. The initiative is called the Grassroots Committee Action (GCA) project. The project is a voter outreach project that any city or town committee can quickly do. GCA is built around the idea of monthly civic engagement events and using our DTC members and local activists to invite Democratic voters to attend. These voters don't always get involved with our campaigns, and this effort will make a good first impression on them. 

We need three things from you.

  1. PCDL needs a commitment from your town committee to host a donation drive on August 27th for back to school supplies.
    (Fill out form below)

  2. PCDL, would like you to talk to your members and get people to volunteer to do some outreach in their neighborhoods.
    (Volunteer link)

  3. Please recruit volunteers to come to the organizational meeting.(RSVP to org meeting)

Find out more about civic engagement events starting in August,
please click on the icons.

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