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Two memorable moments of election

So, after working my tail off for nearly two months for the coordinated campaign in Plymouth County, we have finally come to an end with a historic victory.


During the campaign, I spent half my time getting campaign literature, visibility signs, lawn signs, and turfs for all the Democratic candidates. I then spent the other half of my time organizing, staging, running, and recruiting volunteers for coordinated campaign efforts. In between that, I was posting nonstop on Twitter and Facebook about candidates, events and activities. I finished by spending 12 hours on election day at Marshfield polls, surrounded by Republican sign holders. I was reminding our Democrats to vote for all the Democratic candidates on the ballot.My two most memorable moments of election day were...

Number 2 moment: hearing a Diehl and Cruz volunteer bitch about that annoying Democrat in the blue lobster shirt that kept talking to voters.

Number 1 moment: hearing the Marshfield Town Clerk say

  • Diehl/Allen (6,028)

  • Healey/Driscoll (6,766).

Thank you to all the volunteers and Democratic voters.

Let's do this again in two years.

See you on the campaign trail.


John F. Bowes III

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