Overview of email broadcast systems

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Election campaigns send a lot of email during the election cycle. It is impossible to manage this volume of email with a basic email account like Gmail or Yahoo. That is why campaigns need to use email broadcast systems. The two most popular are MailChimp and Constant Contact. This video outlines the core functions any email broadcast system used by a campaign must have.​

Email authoring tool

The platform must include a freeform word processing platform that supports a variety of media (images, videos and links). A good email broadcasting platform will have the ability to create a reusable email template that can be customized to and matches the campaign’s brand.  For more tips about email messages and templates (click here)

  • Automated delivery
    A powerful feature of email broadcast platforms is the ability to set up an automated delivery schedule.  This system allows a campaign to plan out their communication for the length of the campaign.  Scheduling in the platform should include a date and time function. To check out the campaign tip on building an email schedule, (click here)

  • Response Tracking 
    An email broadcast platform tracks many details about the email recipients on your list.  Campaigns will want to monitor open and click through rates on all emails that are sent.  We have a great tip on how to create a call to action that will improve a campaign’s engagement (click here)

  • List Segmentation
    A campaign’s email list is broken down into core groups like volunteers, donors, constituents, voters and staff.  An email platform that allows a campaign to divide the big list into smaller segments gives the campaign the ability to send customized messages to respondents based on segment.  Check out tips on how to manage this crucial campaign data.  (click here) 

  • Registration forms
    The process of collecting emails can be made easier if the campaign’s email broadcasting platform supports registration forms.  An email platform with this tool allows users to create custom forms that directly link to the email database and may even include basic automation of data. For some integration tips on how campaigns can engage voters, (click here).

  • Marketing Automation
    Emails are a great tool to grow the campaign's base and increase engagement
    . Email platforms that have marketing automation allow campaigns to create a workflow for emails to be delivered on an automated timeline.  Check out the tip on how to create a volunteer funnel. (click here)

  • Platform Support
    Ease of use of the email broadcast platform is important.  Campaign staff cannot waste time trying to figure out how to use the system especially if problems arise. Just like at work, tech support is a valuable resource. (click here)

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