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In this preview episode, Steve and John are still working out the technical kinks. We start with a short segment of an interview that I did with Greg Shanahan about field organizing. Next, we teamed up with a group of activists to do a critical review of the websites of the 2020 presidential candidates.  This roundtable discussion will help you figure out what you need for your campaign website.  This episode also has three great campaign coaching tips for you that include GOTV coding, campaign email systems, and a new tech tool that makes streaming across platforms easier for your campaign. The episode finishes off by talking about North Carolina's 9th District congressional race and the 2019 Davos Conference.  We hope you enjoy the show. Click play to start. After you finish, please share your thoughts by clicking this link. (Feedback Survey) More details on each of the segments is below.

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Show notes

In each episode, Steve and John talk about a lot of stuff and in the show notes we provide the links to the content that we talked about. Bonus content for listeners that become Patreon donors are listed in the show notes based on the level of support.  A $1 monthly donation (Tipper) will give you access to the full interview and Main Stage content. For a $5 monthly donation (Campaigner), you will be able to access all the campaign coaching tips.  If you like this podcast, please consider becoming a patron by donating through the Patreon website. 

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The Interview

Campaign Field Organizing Interview with Greg Shanahan

This week’s interview is how to build a field organization with Greg Shanahan.  A lot of organizers struggle with starting a field organization. Greg shares his views on the best methods for getting started.

Click here to see highlights from the interview.

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This Episode's Feature 

A roundtable critical review of 2020 presidential candidates’ websites

In today’s main segment, John joins the Weymouth Three Musketeers (Alice, Deb and Linda) to do a critical review of the websites of the Democratic candidates running for President. Our goal is to show you what the candidates are doing right and wrong so that you can build a better website for your campaign.

 Click here to see our ranking of the sites and share your thoughts.

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Tune into the next episode to hear our take on the remaining candidates' websites.

Campaign coaching tips

This podcast is dedicated to helping people run for elected office and run their campaigns. That is why each episode includes coaching tips for election campaigns.  The tips include how-to video guides and downloadable templates for patrons of the site. This week we have three great tips: GOTV coding, email broadcast systems, and livestreaming tools. See the notes below for more details and free stuff.


GOTV coding: 

GOTV is an election campaign acronym that stands for Get Out The Vote. The coding system is universally used by all election campaigns. This whiteboard video explains how it works.

(Click here to play video)

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Broadcast email systems:

Campaigns use email for communication, organizing, and fundraising.  This is made easier with email broadcast systems like MailChimp and Constant Contact.  In this segment we are going to look at the basic functions of email broadcast systems.

Click here to review basic features of email broadcast systems.

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Top email broadcast systems used by campaigns:


Livestream tools:  

In 2018, livestreaming entered the mainstream of political campaigning as a way to deliver messages directly to voters. The tools now available to campaigns are inexpensive, easy to use, and create a high quality video product.  In 2020, your campaign needs to be doing as much livestreaming as possible. In this technology tip John shows you the tools that he has been using. 

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The campaign trail:

Each week Steve and John find interesting stories from election campaigns and the political world to share with you from the campaign trail.

North Carolina's 9th congressional district take two

On Thursday February 21st, the North Carolina State Board of Elections unanimously agreed to call for a new election in the 9th District following a months-long investigation into alleged absentee ballot fraud.


Mark Harris

Dan McCready


Investigation of mail-in ballot irregularities led to Leslie McCrae Dowless being indicted on seven felonies

  • 3 counts of obstruction 

  • 2 counts of conspiracy 

  • 2 counts of possession of absentee ballots

Leslie McCrae Dowless


Davos World Economic Forum: 

Davos is the most common name for the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland. Around 3,000 leaders from business, technology, government, NGOs, academia and the media attended the 2019 event in January.

Davos’Panel On Making Digital Globalization Inclusive

Davos’ Panel On Inequality Becomes Discussion

Tucker Carlson Blows Up at Rutger Bregman in Unaired Fox News Interview | NowThis

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Takes Scott Walker To School

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