The Plymouth County Democratic League (PCDL) is launching a community civic engagement campaign called Grassroots Committee Action(GCA). This campaign promotes democratic candidates while building out a communications infrastructure by asking voters to get involved with civic engagement events . Democratic town/city committees (DTC) and their members reach out to voters to invite them to help with civic engagement. This outreach is done in whatever way DTC members prefer (phone, email, postal mail, or literature drops), creating a positive impression with voters. The PCDL leadership team is looking for the DTCs to volunteer to host at least one civic engagement event in the months of August, September, and October. 

To find out more about the civic engagement events and RSVP to them, click on the icons below.

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The Plymouth County Democratic League is an all-volunteer organization, so the team would love to have your help. Check out the three ways you can help the team out with the GCA below.


The team needs a commitment from all town/city committees to host a donation drive on August 27th to collect back-to-school supplies for homeless children. (Click here)

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Talk to your network of members and activists to get them to volunteer to do outreach in their neighborhoods.

(Click here)

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Recruit your volunteers to come to the organizational meeting.  (Click here)

Outreach can be done using a variety of methods, either electronically by sending memes via text messages or emails to Democratic neighbors. You can also send invitation mailers through the postal mail service. The best method is to do a neighborhood canvassing to drop off flyer invitations at each Democrat's house in your neighborhood. You can see examples of all three invitation formats below.


Invitation meme

Invitation mailers

Invitation flyer