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Each week the team sits down with a thought leader in the political campaign world.  To the right is a list of upcoming interviews with guest profile and description of subjects that we are talking about.  Sign up for a reminder by signing up RSVP.  Below is full list of interviews with introductory video linked to more detailed page with the full interview. 

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2019 Campaign
to do list

Stacey and I are sitting down to discuss the top ten things campaigns should be working on in 2019 to get ready for 2020. 


Basics of Voter Data

Brian and I have are going to get into the basics of voter data by looking at collection, analysis and storage of the key data elements every campaign needs to be successful.  


Voter engagement & management

In our first live stream I sat down with Steve Darcey. I have broken the video into the key topics we covered below: