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Pledge Card Guide 

Pledge cards are the simplest, cheapest and most effective way to identify support. The basic dimensions are postcard-size print on card stock with a form printed on the front and mailing information on the back. When the team meets voters that support the campaign, immediately ask them to sign a pledge card.  These are collected by the campaign and entered into a voter database for tracking.  The pledge cards are integrated with a grassroots neighbor-to-neighbor contact method.  Below is the core layout of the pledge card with description. 

Campaigns that use a pledge card program need an integrated workflow for field organization.  The workflow includes scripts, logic tree and a data management process that allows campaign staff to manage the growing supporter network.  The process is self-replicating with staff recruiting newly identified supporters who in turn identify people in their own networks.   

Pledge card reward programs increase engagement by recognizing volunteers’ hard work on the campaign.  Each time a volunteer identifies someone in their own network as a campaign supporter, they receive one point on the score board.  Points count toward cool campaign rewards and high scores are email-blasted out each week.  




  • Design card 



  • Work flow

  • Confirm support

    • Call Script

    • Call instructions

    • Thank you mailer

  • Task  list 

  • Tracking spread sheet 



  • Card template

  • Instructions 



  • Prize matrix 

  • Score board 



  • Presentation notes

  • Graphics 

  • Handout 

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