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Pledge Card Process

Campaign need to implement a strong easy to understand process for using pledge cards.  Volunteer and staff are indoctrinated with the montrare of always be identifying voters and when you find a support get them to sign a pledge card (get the card).  Below is best practices process for using pledge cards in an election campaign. 

First contact:  when talk to potential supporter it is important to know that most people will only vote for a campaign not help.  That is why the first goal of every first contact confirm support and have them sign a pledge card if they have not already

Pledge:  after sign a pledge card a lot of voters feel a sensing of ownership of the campaign.  This owner ship embodies itself in a need to help the campaign without committing a lot of effort.  Asking the supporter to identify five people in their network is an easy task that requires no effort.   

Get 5: supporters that commit to identifying 5 people in their network will most likely forget to do it.  Make sure to set a follow up call no more than a on week after first contact 

Follow up:  The follow up call is important to determining level of intent of a supporter to volunteer.  Important not to waste your time or alienate the supporter.   Always call the supporter and leave message make three attempts to talk to the supporter.  If after the third attempt stop calling the support for 30 day or during GOTV Week. 

Collect: Staff should make every effort to meet with supporter that have identified new supporters in person to thank them and collect pledge card.  If staff cannot pick up the cards, ask support to mail the cards to campaign HQ and email the names with address

Data entry: Once a pledge card is received it is entered into the voter database with in 24 hours.  To ensure that all fresh data is acted on as quickly as possible campaign creates an automated email and outreach system.  New supporters that included emails on pledge card will receive a request for confirmation email from the campaigns.   Contact information for new supporter is sent to regional organizer.

Confirm:  Staff reach out the supporter after receiving new contact information to confirm their support for the campaign.  When calling supporter first goal is to confirm support and begin the first step in the pledge card process. 




  • Work flow

  • Task  list 

  • Tracking spread sheet 

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