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Pledge Card Rewards 

Reward program that recognize supporters’ efforts to identify support with pledge card campaign will improve participation.   As a supporter’s total identify voters reaches different level the campaign is recognized and rewards them.  The running total are tracked on a score board at head quaters that is broadcast to support base weekly.  

The reward leveling system follows video game strategy of offering incentive in the form of prizes for each level reached.    The first voter a supporter is identifies (ID) is the most important in volunteer recruitment.  The ID represents the supporter willingness to engage with campaign overcoming inertia of apathy and becoming a volunteer.   Tier three follow the social network science theorizes that everyone knows at least five people this first tier level is easy as possible for supporters.  Second level of rewards is sent between 20 and 50 ID represents the volunteer making a real effort to help the campaign.  The third level is anything above 50 or 100 ID volunteer.    The top 10 volunteer that identified the most volunteer is invited to a private high-end dinner with senior staff and campaign.  The reward provides the campaign with a list.




  • Prize matrix 

  • Score board 

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