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2022 Democratic Candidates

Candidates for Governor

Maura Healey

Video: YouTube|Facebook|Twitter


Contact Person: Macie Jones 781-733-7977


Candidates for Lt. Governor

Kim Driscoll

Video: YouTube |Facebook |Twitter Website: |Facebook |Twitter Contact Person: Beth Arnold 617-823-9451

Tami Gouveia

Video: YouTube| Facebook| Twitter Website: |Facebook| Twitter Contact Person: Kristen Elechk

Eric Lesser

Video: YouTube| Facebook |Twitter Website: |Facebook |Twitter Contact Person: John Dolan 413-564-9946


Secretary of State

Bill Galvin

Video: YouTube | Facebook |Twitter Website: |Facebook | Twitter

Tanisha Sullivan

Video: YouTube| Facebook |Twitter Website:| Facebook | Twitter Contact Person: Nate Roberts 774-319-1771


Candidates for Attorney General

Andrea Campbell

Video: YouTube| Facebook |Twitter Website |Facebook |Twitter Contact Person: Cheryl Harding 857-251-2193

Quentin Palfrey

Video: YouTube |Facebook |Twitter Website: |Facebook |Twitter Contact Person: Alex Carabelli 251-5822695

Shannon Liss-Riordan

Video: YouTube |Facebook |Twitter Website: |Facebook| Twitter Contact Person: Hemma Hamburg 401-864-5485


Candidates for Auditor

Chris Dempsey

Video: YouTube |Facebook |Twitter Website:|Facebook|Twitter Contact Person: Carlos Gracie 508-762-8290

Diana DiZoglio

Video: YouTube| Facebook |Twitter Website:| Facebook |Twitter Contact Person: Joe Thibodeau 617-963-6506


Candidates for Plymouth County Races

Plymouth County District Attorney

Rahsaan Hall

Video: YouTube

Website: Hall4Da.comFacebookTwitter

Contact Person: Jess 781-561-0341

Plymouth County Commissioner

Alex Bezanson Video: YouTube Website: |Facebook |Twitter Contact Person: Alex Bezanson 781-953-1236

Carlos AF Da Silva

Video: YouTube

Website: Facebook

Contact Person: Carlos Dasilva 781-367-6333

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