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Endorsements for 2022 Democratic Candidates

I am the Democratic State Committeeperson for the Plymouth and Norfolk Senate Districts, which include the towns of Duxbury, Cohasset, Hingham, Hull, Marshfield, Norwell, Scituate, and Weymouth. In this role, I had the opportunity to meet all of the candidates that are running for county and statewide offices. I've seen all of their stump speeches, met them at multiple events and worked with their campaigns many times. Based on this, I'm recommending that you vote for four candidates. These are Eric Lesser for Lieutenant Governor; Bill Galvin for Secretary of State; Andrea Campbell for Attorney General; and Chris Dempsey for Auditor. I also strongly recommend that you check out Rahsaan Hall, who is running unopposed to be our democratic nomination for district attorney of Plymouth County.


Candidates for Lt. Governor

The Lieutenant Governor candidate I've selected is Eric Lesser, who is a senator from Western Massachusetts. Eric provides geographic balance to the Democratic ticket as he represents Western Massachusetts, with many smaller towns and cities in his district. He began his political career in high school by doing grassroots organizing for proposition 2 and a half to save his hometown school, and then worked on the 2008 Obama campaign. He spent his career advocating for public transportation, fighting for better Narcan deployment to address drug overdoses, and lifting up cities and towns across our commonwealth.

Eric Lesser

Video: YouTube Facebook Twitter Website: Facebook Twitter Contact Person: John Dolan 413-564-9946


Secretary of State

Our secretary of state is the best in the country. One of his responsibilities is running our elections. With all the craziness in elections these days, we need the experience that Bill Galvin has in the role of Secretary of State. That is why I am endorsing him and asking you to vote for him.

Bill Galvin

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Candidates for Attorney General

I'm very excited to join Senator Ed Markey in endorsing Andrea Campbell for Attorney General. Andrea's background provides a unique perspective on the role of Attorney General. She will be an advocate for those who have been left out and left behind, while making sure that we are all treated equally under the rule of our commonwealth.

Andrea Campbell

Video: YouTube Facebook Twitter Website Facebook Twitter Contact Person: Cheryl Harding 857-251-2193


Candidates for Auditor

I worked with Chris Dempsey at Mass DOT (State Transportation Department) during the Patrick Administration. It was a great experience. What I enjoyed most was the way Chris approached problems. He took the time to figure out the problem. Once he had the facts, he developed a plan to fix the problem. That is what we need in the auditors' offices.

Chris Dempsey

Video: YouTube Facebook Twitter Website: Facebook Twitter Contact Person: Carlos Gracie 508-762-8290


Plymouth County DA

The District Attorney of the county is a very important elected official in state government. In Plymouth County we have a really great Democratic Candidate this cycle Rashaan Hall. If you have time check his website and get involved with his campaign.

Rahsaan Hall

Video: YouTube

Website: Hall4Da.comFacebookTwitter

Contact Person: Jess 781-561-0341

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