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Political standouts (visibilities) are a time-honored tradition in communities that

continues in today's modern campaigns. The activity involves a group of volunteers holding signs and standing on the sidewalk by a high-traffic intersection. This is a good starting point for volunteers who want to help on campaigns.

This activity is a major aggravation for campaign organizers. Election campaigns would much rather have volunteers phone bank or canvass neighborhoods with the goal of identifying who voters are supporting. The campaign needs to identify voters to win the election. The town committees that use the GCA process are focused on building a base among established democratic voters, not identifying who voters are supporting. Standouts are very effective at building a base because they are simple to do and attract supporters to the committee's cause.

The purpose of GCA visibility is to remind the Democratic base that the committee exists and provide them with the opportunity to engage with the committee. The standouts are focused on the core values of the Democratic Party. For the Marshfield Democratic Town Committee, I'm planning on doing four types of standouts: There is no place for hate, reproductive rights, supporting unions, or team democracy. The community should plan on having visibility in a central location on a rotating basis. Supplies for the standout include visibility signs that are handwritten and printed and include committee-branded messaging. The event lasts no longer than an hour and ends with the distribution of committee marketing material and a list of upcoming events.

The focus is on generating a positive impact in the community and finding simple activities for people to start their political activism with. Standouts are great entry points for politically aware voters to get involved with the committee through follow-up political engagement events. Group and individual photos, plus live streams, are content generated by standouts. This content is easy to share on social media platforms and is tagable, drawing more attention to the town committee.


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