Kickoff Email Funnel


When The Campaign Rundown kicked off, we sent out a blast email to Democratic activists and elected officials.  Depending on the responses to this email, a series of subsequent emails were automatically sent in what is commonly referred to as an email funnel. The three goals of this email funnel were to introduce people to the podcast, encourage people listen it, and ask them to follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter. 


This email funnel tool can be used by campaigns for fundraising, building a volunteer base, or for voter identification.  The following tip explains how to set up an email funnel and includes some basic templates.


The Campaign Runoff kickoff email funnel included seven messages that began with a blast email. In this initial email, there were three actions each recipient could take: not open the email; open the email; or open it and click on a link inside it. Based on the recipient's action, the funnel's workflow generated customized follow-up emails. This workflow takes two weeks to complete with the initial blast email as the only one seen by everyone in the funnel. 

Blast email

Your Thoughts

More Content




No Open





No Love

No Open

To see what each email looks like, click on its icon in the workflow diagram. 

  1. Blast email - First email in the series sent to everyone in the funnel

  2. More content -Three campaign tips sent to everyone that opened the blast email  

  3. Your thoughts -Requests feedback on the podcast from everyone that opened the blast email and clicked on the link inside it   

  4. RE:Blast - Resends the original blast email to anyone that did not open it

  5. No Love - Final email to recipients that did not open the initial blast or its subsequent resend   

  6. Engagement - Final email to recipients that opened both the initial blast and any subsequent email 

  7. Subscribe - Final email to recipients that clicked a link in any of the emails

This email funnel system is a great communication tool for any campaign. I'd be happy to help you set one up or answer any questions you have.