The Campaign Rundown Preview

This is the preview of the podcast I have been working on since the first of the year titled The Campaign Rundown.  The show runs about an hour and is divided into four segments: interviews, current campaign events, coaching tips, and new technology and cool stuff around the web. You can listen to the podcast by clicking the play button or downloading the episode below. Please take a few minutes to listen to the podcast and check out the rest of the content.    

The Campaign Rundown - Preview Episode
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Each episode includes show notes that highlight all the content talked about during the episode with downloadable templates you can use in your campaign. You can view the show notes for the preview episode by clicking the show notes button on the right side.  Steve and I hope to finance this podcast through donations using the Patreon platform. You can see The Campaign Rundown Patreon page by clicking the Patreon icon on the right side. If you think this podcast has value, please consider donating to our page. After you review all the material, please provide your feedback by answering a few questions in a short survey by clicking the Feedback icon on the right. Lastly, please sign up for our newsletter so we can keep you up to date on what is happening with the show.


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