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Please consider volunteering to help me with my campaign to become the next Democratic town chair. The below volunteer form also includes political engagement activities that you can volunteer for and help with the GCA project.

politically engaged

In addition to civic engagement events, the Marshfield Democratic Town Committee hosts political engagement events designed specifically to get the attention of audience members who are politically engaged. These events use activities that are based on national headlines and candidates to get the attention of local people in the community. Events are focused on a single task that can be completed in a 2 to 3 hour window and have a very strong social aspect to them. The event can be attended in person or virtually by anyone in the community who is interested. Political visibility, social events, lecture series, movie nights, and postcard and text parties are a few examples of political engagement events that stand out for campaigns. Below are a series of videos that I recorded about each of the types of political engagement events that I plan on using in the GCA process for Marshfield DTC.

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