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GCA Overview for Democratic Committees
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Marshfield center visibility 

This week I will be explaining in greater detail the GCA process that I want to use to grow the Marshfield Town Committee. Each day, I will post a video explaining different aspects of the GCA process on my website and social media feeds (Facebook and Twitter). The biggest challenge I think the committee faces is raising awareness of the fact that we exist. 

I've been using my campaign to try to raise awareness of the existence of the Town committee. With that in mind, next weekend (5/20 and 5/21) and on Saturday (5/27) of the election at noon, I'll be doing visibility in Marshfield center at Dandelion Park, and I hope you can join me. Please bring your own signs that tell people why you're a Democrat. For more information about the visibilities and to find out about the GCA process, visit the volunteer page at on my website.

  • Saturday, 5/20, Noon Dandelion Park in Marshfield Center (RSVP online)

  • Saturday, 5/21, Noon Dandelion Park in Marshfield Center (RSVP online)

  • Saturday, 5/27, Noon Dandelion Park in Marshfield Center (RSVP online)

How DTC will save democracy

The best way to counter the conservative echo chamber and the craziness of the MAGA cult is through a Democratic Town Committee. Committees that deploy a grassroots neighbor-to-neighbor voter outreach program for civic engagement events build positive momentum. The committee's action locally creates a positive narrative about doing good in the community, which is a drastic contrast to the doom and gloom conspiracy theory-driven conservative narrative. Find out more details about how I think the GCA process will impact the 2024 election cycle if deployed by Democratic committees. 

(Click here for more information.)


This weekend I was out knocking on doors, talking to Democrats, and inviting them to my coffee hour. In many of the conversations, I discussed my background and my plans for the Democratic Town Committee of Marshfield if I'm elected. I made a short video in which I provide a short background on my history in the Democratic Party and political campaigns. Click here to view video

My Plan

The reason I am running is because I have a new organizing idea that I'm calling the GCA process. To explain how this process works, I am putting together a series of very short videos to go over the core fundamentals. This first video is basically an overview of the GCA process. So the first question that people are asking me is, "What does GCA stand for?" It stands for Grassroots Committee Activation." The guiding philosophy behind it is do good often. The process uses civic engagement events to create positive touch points to build awareness of the Democratic Town Committee in communities. The awareness is driven by a person-to-person outreach program that includes volunteers who are given 50 Democrats that live in their neighborhood that they can outreach to in whatever way they feel comfortable.  Click here  to read more about the plan and see the first video.

There was a big political announcement in Marshfield at the Democratic town committee meeting. 

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