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DTC creating positive narrative

Updated: May 12, 2023

The Republican Party has spent the last 20 years perfecting an echo that a lot of people call Earth 2. On Earth 2, conservative voters and mega-cultists exist in a

totally separate reality, devoid of facts and driven by anger. This warped reality, combined with gerrymandered voting districts, has created an odd political mutation where candidates for office and elected officials have become social media influences rather than legislative leaders. The modern MAGA politician has no idea or interest in governing a town, city, county, or state, let alone a country; they are obsessed with social media engagement.

Trying to have a political discussion about anything of substance with anyone living on Earth 2 is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter what your strategy is, as soon as the game starts, the pigeon will run onto the board, knock all the pieces shit all over the place, and then walk around like it won. Nothing has been accomplished, no solutions have been found, and everyone is pissed off. Since November, I have been trying to figure out how to deprogram people who are stuck on Earth 2. The process I have come up with is grassroots, person-to-person system that uses democratic committees.

Earth 2 Vs GCA Process

I going to comparison of the Earth 2 and GCA processes. I'm starting with the Earth 2 processes so I can contrast them with the GCA process. The biggest difference is where the two processes start and what motivates them.

Earth 2 Process

The Earth 2 process starts with cultural war profiteers coming up with a wedge issue. I used profiteer deliberately because this process is all about making money. Profiteers who can find and develop sensational clickbait issues get big checks. The people living on Earth 2 need to be told when to be angry, why to be mad, and who to be afraid of. The wedge issues that work best are nonissue issues from obscure parts of the country that nobody has heard of. This allows their base to play professional victim at the hands of an imaginary minority oppressor. They take this local, non-issue problem and turn it into a country-wide problem. The problem generates outrage at its base, creating national headlines. The crazy thing is that Republicans don’t want to fix the problem. If they fix it, Base goes home and doesn't vote.

Once a good wedge issue is found, it is put into a content package by the cultural war profiteer. The package is made up of an infographic with an eye-catching image and a sensational headline that mentions CRT, BLM, Antifa, backing the blue, Hillary, or anything to do with Hunter's laptop. Combined with text that fans the flames and ends with a sales pitch to click the link to donate, sign the petition, or harass your local elected official.

The package is sent through Earth 2's media network, where it instantly puts the conservative base into a rage. This motivates the conservative base to vote. A never-ending stream of content to click on maintains and reinforces the rage level of the conservative base. The more they click, the angrier they get, with the goal of keeping them voting for Republican candidates. The Earth 2 process is a very nationally focused, profit-driven, top-down process that uses fear and hate as motivation.

GCA Process

The GCA process's motivation is doing good through civic engagement events. Running the process at the town and ward community levels creates civic engagement events for local issues. These committee-created events motivate voters to get involved, attracting wide attention in the district. A good civic engagement event will build unity by motivating people to participate in a solution to a local problem. These localized civic engagement events will outperform a nation-wide cultural issue every time for getting voters’ attention.

When promoting civic engagement events, committees use the same content concepts used by profiteers to promote wedge issues. Instead of sensational headlines and trigger words, engagement event content uses engaging action headlines that are localized.

The Earth 2 process uses a multi-billion-dollar media empire to promote the content. The GCA process uses retail relationship building in brick-and-mortar promotion. Democratic committee members do voter outreach to their neighbors, inviting them to events. The committee uses standouts to promote events and deploys lawn signs. On a regular basis, voters in the district will see Democrats in public spaces promoting doing good and volunteering to help. The GCA process motivates people to vote by showing that all of us can make a difference in our community.

The GCA process makes the 2024 election about picking between the crazy person on TV who has been screaming about conspiracy theories nonstop for the last two years and never offered a single solution, representing Earth 2, or their neighbor, who invited them to an event and is always doing something to help their community, representing the GCA process.

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Michael Waddell
Michael Waddell
May 23, 2023

John - this is a great idea. Thank you.

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