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GCA OVerview

Updated: May 28, 2023

The reason I ran is because I have a new organizing idea that I'm calling the GCA process. To explain how this process works, I am putting together a series of very short videos to go over the core fundamentals.

This first video is basically an overview of the GCA process. So the first question that people are asking me is, "What does GCA stand for?" It stands for Grassroots Committee Activation." The guiding philosophy behind it is do good often. The process uses civic engagement events to create positive touch points to build awareness of the Democratic Town Committee in communities. The awareness is driven by a person-to-person outreach program that includes volunteers who are given 50 Democrats that live in their neighborhood that they can outreach to in whatever way they feel comfortable.

In addition to the person-to-person outreach, the Democratic Committee is launching a social media campaign to promote civic engagement events. These social media posts are part of the Democratic Town Committee's progressive campaign to build awareness in the community. The campaign includes political engagement events, big idea posts, local curated content, and weekly Democratic Committee asks. All the posts provide feedback to the Democratic Town Committee's website, which includes a blog that will become the community's Progressive Town Square. In this town square community, members can find out all the information they need about any progressive activities, candidates, and groups in the community. The square offers a wide range of different ways for people to get involved and become a part of the solution by doing good often.

For this plan to work, I need your help. First, I would greatly appreciate your support for my candidacy for Democratic town chair in Marshfield. Second, I'm going to ask you to volunteer to get plugged in at whatever level you want to help with the GCA process. Third, I'm asking you to share this content with your personal network to help me expand the reach of the Democratic town committee.


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