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social media engagement

Something I have noticed is that Democrats are bad at engaging with content on social platforms. You have probably noticed that the Republicans are very good at sharing content. The next flavor of the month "culture war" issue appears in your crazy Uncle Bob's social media feed within minutes of Fox News being mentioned. This sends you scrambling to fact-check the craziness. The Republican Echo Chamber has spent 20 years refining how their base interacts with content, and now they are so good at engaging with content without even thinking. When Uncle Bob engages with culture war content, the national narrative is shaped, warps the algorithms, and gets seen by Uncle Bob's social network.

Democrats need to be better at engaging content. The GCA process uses the Minuteman Club to increase engagement with content by committee members. As part of the GCA process, every two weeks the town committee produces a social media census. The census is a list of posted content on the committee’s social media. (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) Every two weeks, the committee asks recipients of the newsletter to join the Minuteman Club by sharing one piece of content every two weeks. When the content is liked, shared, and commented on, the committee's social media audience will grow. If this sounds like a good idea, please consider voting for me as town chair of the Marshfield Democratic town committee. Find out more about more about GCA process at


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