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Progressive Town Square

The Democratic Party is a big tent party with big ideas. The Republican Party's echo chamber often drowns out these ideas with noise from culture war profiteers. As chairperson, I would like to propose that the Marshfield Democratic Town Committee create a progressive town square. This town square will be a resource for promoting engagement events and setting the tone of doing good often, which sets the stage for having real conversations about our big ideas.

The committee's Progressive Town Square is created by adding a blog to the committee's website. The content that is broadcast weekly through social media, email, and automated messages includes calls to action that link back to the square. People seeking more information about the civic engagement event or seeing committee members doing standouts will be directed to the square via web links. Visitors to the square will find the information they want, plus information about big ideas like postal banks, content from local Democrats, and details about other committee activities like Norwell's "Welcome Stranger Forum."

I am proposing that the committee create a Progressive Town Square that will be a one-stop source for all Democratic and progressive activity in Marshfield. The Square will host original and curated content plus data collection tools (RSVP, volunteer, email subscription, and donation forms). The reason it is necessary is because local newspapers are ending, and Elon Musk's corruption of social media platforms has shown they cannot be trusted. This has made it necessary for the committee to create a platform for progressive town squares.


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