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Last week I finished my coffee hour tour of Marshfield as part of my campaign for chairperson of the Marshfield Democratic Town Committee. The tour hit all the cool and hot places where you can get a cup of coffee in Marshfield. I had a great response and want to thank everyone for their support.

Coffee hour meetings are basically meet-ups, which is an American political organizing tradition that traces back all the way to the Sons of Liberty and Green Dragon Tavern. Marshfield is the town where the second battle of the American Revolution took place. Townies have a long tradition of meeting in pubs and coffee houses before heading out and causing trouble. I want to use this type of meeting as part of the GCA process.

As chairperson, I would like to host a meet-up once a quarter in Marshfield. Get a bunch of good troublemakers together to talk politics, drink, eat, and be social. We can talk about whatever people want. Some legislation that is up at the state house, an article you saw, or a political issue you think we need to pay attention to

Now I have not worked out all the details. It would be a meeting for a cup of coffee, a pizza party, or maybe a cookout in somebody's backyard. When we get together, everyone brings one topic, puts it in a fishbowl, pulls it out, and talks about that topic for a set amount of time. The point is to get together without organizing or campaigning. Just socialize, have a good time, and talk.

I found that the social aspect of politics is just as important as the organizing part. If getting together for a little party once a quarter sounds good, please consider voting for me for town chair of the Marshfield Democratic Town Committee.

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Michael Waddell
Michael Waddell
May 23, 2023

Where does the vote take place?

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