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Political engagement Event

The GCA Process's core organizing principle is doing good often, and the tools to do that are engagement events. One of the types of events is political engagement, which is built around political activities. These events are great for engaged, politically aware voters who may not be politically active locally. Political engagement events are made up of entry-level tasks that are less than an hour long and easy to complete. The engagement events have strong social aspects like forums, standouts, postcards, and texting parties.

The promotional content is geared towards reaching voters who are already politically aware. Giving this group of voters the opportunity to do more than just scream at their television or post an angry message. The engagement events have strong social components, include food and drink, and take place in a public space. The committee should set a cyclical schedule for the event and should partner with other regional committees to create a larger group social experience.

In the "Let's Talk" series, I interview individual organizers who have participated in or are participating in specific types of political engagement events. Check out that series to get a better understanding of how political engagement events work.


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