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Civic Engagement

Updated: May 15, 2023

As chairperson, I would like to create mini-events that are easy for the Marshfield DTC to use for voter outreach. I am calling them engagement events, and they are small events that require little effort to set up. These events highlight progressive values by taking local action and are divided into political and civic activities.

Examples of civic engagement events include drives for collecting food, clothing, and toys or helping disabled seniors, citizens, and veterans with daily tasks. Community cleanup days, snow removal, fall cleanup, and small-scale construction projects

(Habitat for Humanity) are also good ideas but require a little more planning.

The events are designed to be free and require very little other than sweat equity from participants. To ensure the most effective activity for the community, these events are seasonal and regional in nature. Marshfield Democractic Committees hosting civic engagement events will increase support and raise awareness among voters in town.


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